Narru’s secret

Prestigious chef Iñigo Peña has gained a reputation at his San Sebastian restaurant, Narru, for his award-winning signature dish, ‘secreto ibérico’. So, what’s his secret? Well, ‘secreto ibérico’ is actually the name for a specific cut of pork taken from the front leg, back leg and back of acorn-fed Iberian pigs. It’s a lean cut of meat with beautifully marbled fat which makes it rich in flavour. I believe the dish’s secrets to success include:

– the quality of the meat which is slow-cooked and then fried for a crispy exterior

– the accompanying jus which is rich and sticky

– the local apple purée which is just tart enough to cut through the fattiness of the meat


Other highlights from the meal include a seafood risotto:


And the pudding – cheese custard with crunchy, buttery crumbs. Like a cheesecake but with a different cheese/buttery biscuit base ratio.


The ‘secreto ibérico’ is a delicious dish, but not exactly Jack Sprat’s kind of food. These three courses were all quite rich but there were lighter options on the menu that looked just as delicious – I was just in a extremely gourmande mood!


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