Mama dough

Now that the time has come to say goodbye to the students and teachers at my school I have spent the afternoon baking batches of apple, walnut and raisin cake. It’s not just any cake though – the dough (known as ‘masa madre’ in Spanish) was given to me a week ago by a friend and I have been feeding it with milk, flour and sugar:


This  kind of chain-cake is a common tradition in many countries. (Indeed, last year I received one called ‘Herman the German’.) The idea is you receive a small amount of mature yeast dough and you feed it all week and then split it into thirds… giving a third to two friends and using the last third to make your own cake. I like the idea that dough that you have personally helped to nurture could end up all over the world! The yeast dough gives the end product a very spongy texture and the beauty of it is you can make it your own adding your personal choice of ingredients.



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