Best cheesecake in town : La Viña

I recently heard rumors of the best cheesecake in San Sebastian, and naturally just had to check it out.

La Viña is an unassuming, traditional little bar on ‘calle 31 de agosto’ in the Old Part. It blends in with the other bars along the street but venture inside and you’ll see it really stands out from the rest for its ‘gazta tarta’ or cheesecake in Euskera.

Problem is, it knows it too and so can get away with charging 5€ per slice.  If you’re a cheesecake fan though it’s not to be missed. But don’t be fooled, this cheesecake is a completely different standard biscuit based cheesecakes. It’s cooked in a very hot oven giving it a delicious caramelized, rustic exterior. Inside the texture is so creamy. It clots on the fork but melts smoothly in the mouth.

I took my slice away to eat in bed as an after-dinner treat:


Bar/ restaurante La Viña

C/ 31 de Agosto, nº 3 – Parte Vieja – 20003 – San Sebastián – Gipuzkoa – Tel: 943427495


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