I first came across a dessert called ‘goxua’ on the day of the Tamborrada in the pastry shop Oiartzun. I managed to resist trying it, opting instead for the drum-shaped cake which seemed more in the spirit of things. You can imagine my delight, then, when a friend whose birthday was fast approaching mentioned ‘goxua’ was their favourite dessert!


I rushed to Oiartzun with the hope of purchasing a couple of ‘goxuas’, but alas they only make them on fiesta days and in the summer months. Disappointed I started to walk home in the rain. It does actually rain a lot here, my pathetic fallacy is true! In one last desperate attempt I popped into Aguirre on the Boulevard and low an behold, two ‘goxuas’ just waiting to be bought by me.

The ‘goxua’ (which is typical of Vitoria) is another variation on what seem to be the most popular ingredients in pastries and desserts here:’nata’ (whipped cream), ‘bizcocho’ (sponge), ‘crema’ (as in pastry cream) and caramel. The pastry cream contained a lot of egg yolk which made it deliciously rich. I’ve always loved egg yolk, especially for that oozy moment when a soft-boiled egg is cut open over asparagus. However Basque puddings are starting to really make me appreciate the wonders that egg yolks can work in a dessert, over and above just binding the ingredients together. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get the time to try making the mother of all egg yolk desserts – ‘yemas de Santa Teresa.’



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