Returning to Nineu

You may remember I went to a cheese tasting challenge hosted by the restaurant Nineu  in the Kursaal building. Well, it just so happened they were taking part in Restaurant Week so I thought it wise to get a proper feel for the food they serve there…

We started the meal with:

  • Puntalette rice-shaped pasta sautéed with porcini mushrooms, prawns and a hint of aniseed. The aniseed was far from a hint. It was far too overpowering – a shame as otherwise this dish could have really hit the spot.
  • Hearts of Tudela lettuce with Caesar sauce and parmesan cheese. Simple but well- prepared, this is probably the best Caesar salad I’ve ever tasted. Tudela lettuce leaves have been credited with DOP status and you can see why – they’re crisp, tender and refreshing.

Then we hit the main courses:

  • Confit cod in olive oil with cream of onion and juice of sopako bread. The cream of onion brought a sweetness and wholesomeness to the dish. It wasn’t quite as good as the lemony cod I had at Bodegón Alejandro, but still very moreish.
  • Braised, boned lamb with rosemary quinoa and garlic paste. Well hello there vampire! Yes, the garlic was ridiculously strong but the lamb was nice and tender so that made up for it.

And then to finish:

  • French toast soaked in egg yolk and fresh cream caramelised in the pan, served with homemade ice cream. A  rich finish to the meal but just so irresistible.
  • Chocolate tart with mascarpone cream and dried coffee leaves. The chocolate tart was more of a chocolate fondant. I loved the crispy coffee leaves – a first for me.

So Nineu doesn’t just host good cheese events, it also has a very decent menu. However, if we’re rating my Restaurant Week experiences, Bodegón Alejando would have to win hands down.


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