Cheese challenge

The San Sebastian ‘Semana Gastronomika’ kicked off this weekend with a blind tasting session in which 12 of the best Spanish cheeses went head-to-head with 12 of the best French cheeses. A huge list from both countries was whittled down to just 24 cheeses accompanied by good-quality breads and three free drinks, not to mention spectacular views from the first floor of Nineu restaurant in the Kursaal centre. The organisers arranged the cheeses according to their strength so tasters could work their way up from delicate aromas to full-on stinky blue cheeses.

Given French cheese-making prowess it was no great surprise that they won the contest… a little bit of a shame as I was sort of holding out for the underdog! The most popular cheeses (and their respective scores out of ten) as voted by the public were:

-Bleu des Causses AOP – Fromages et Terroirs :7,19 (Francia)

– Ossau Iraty AOP de la Fromagerie Agour: 7,18 (Francia)

– Picón Bejes-Tresviso DOP de los Hermanos Campo Campo de Tresviso: 7,10 (España)

– Brie de Melun AOP- Fromages et Terroirs: 7,10 (Francia)

– Idiazábal DOP de la Kooperativa Artzai-Gazta con Etiqueta Negra: 7,08 (España)

– Comté Extra AOP Affiné en el Tunnel de la Collonge: 7,04 (Francia)


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